New services in marine geophysics

 From its creation, MAREE has developed SCAMPI a specific service in marine geophysics for the sub-seabed investigation. This year, MAREE carry on with its R&D strategy, with an active participation to ambitious projects in that field, providing innovative services to quantify sediment parameters and to detect buried objects.

Principle of SCAMPI inversion.

As a subcontractor of the DGA RAPID BODAMM project  (Buried Object Detection by Acoustic and Magnetic Methods)  leaded by RTSYS, MAREE is designing a AUV version of SCAMPI. It  allows to invert sediment parameters over several meters even in very shallow water depth.

Sedimentological cross-section obtained by SCAMPI inversion with 2 m water depth.

On the same time, intensive efforts have been done to rely granulometric parameters with acoustical parameters, using the in-situ INSEA velocimeter. First inversions have been successfully tested. Consequently, mapped sediments will be directly segmented versus their granulometry.

Diagram of granulometric sediment composition.

MAREE is also involved in experimental research to detect objects inside the sediment by means of acoustic methods. A plurality of innovative processing have recently been designed and already offer very promising results.

Acoustical detection (white spots) of objects buried in sand by 2 m water depth.