Impact study

Since 2005, MAREE has conducted acoustical studies concerning the impacts of offshore activities on the marine environment: seismic survey, blasting operations, wind farm installation … These studies consist in quantifying the acoustical emitted levels ans charaterizing the propagation law on site.

MAREE proposes a complete set of services including:

  • preliminary study: description of the physical environment (bathymetry …), characterization of acoustic sources, identification of marine wildife inside the area
  • in-situ measurements: determination of the reference initial state of ambiant noise, acoustic trasmission loss measurements, analysis and processing of the recorded acoustical data
  • numerical analysis: computation of the underwater acoustic field, model calibration
  • environment assessment: estimation of acoustic range perimeters, impact assessment of potential disturbance, recommandations

Concerning renewable marine energies, MAREE works with ALTRAN-OUEST and proposes dedicated tools: SIRAEO (Simulation du rayonnement Acoustique généré par les Eoliennes Offshores)

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