MAREE’s instrumentation set

MAREE owns a complete and efficient instrumental set, and strong measurement & instrumentation skills.

For short timed measurements, MAREE deploys instrumented arrays, with hydrophones, immerged at several depths, from a boat on the surface.

Instrumented line deployed from the surface

If long time measurement is needed, MAREE deploys autonomous devices, such as immersed recorder or instrumented buoys.

MAREE owns two totally autonomous  underwater recorders  containers. Easy to deploy, those two devices produce high quality underwater acoustic data.

  • The first container drives one underwater channel  audio cycled records. Parameters of the acquiring cycle can be fully modified.

Underwater autonomous recorder

  • The second container was developed from RTsys recorder base. Scheduled audio record cycles are performed to match best with the customers’ needs. MAREE added a geophone sensor, which allows the device to record vibrations and enlarge the measurement capabilities of the instrument.

Autonomous immerged recorder before the launch

Furthermore, MAREE developed two multi instrumented buoys, acquiring underwater and aerial parameters. Floating on the sea surface and anchored on the sea bed, those devices allow combined measurements, to identify links between phenomenons.

  • Cycling records (fully drivable) are accomplished by the first buoy, on two audio channels (underwater or aerial acoustic). Pictures are recurrently shot to monitor the sea state and near activity. Instrumentation is completed by a compass, and wind speed and direction measurement.

Multi-instrumented surface recording buoy

  • The second buoy is an evolution of the first one. The main properties are similar, but the number of audio channels is raised to 4.  Like the first buoy, those audio channels can be used to record underwater or aerial sounds.  A GPS is added and an IRIDIUM modem allows records monitoring.

The second buoy, evolution of the first one

Each of those devices can be used individually, or they can be deployed together to create acquisition networks.

Moreover, MAREE owns an underwater acoustic source that can be used for active acoustic surveys, sea trials…

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