Impact study

One more string to our underwater acoustics expertise

Whatever your activity: developing AUV, SONAR or echo-sounder designing, offshore building, MRE impact studying …, underwater acoustic propagation problems are involved in these fields. This is our area of expertise.

That expertize has grown up by testing, practicing, validating, designing,… Continue reading

Impact study – Tidal turbine at Bréhat


In 2009, MAREE in partnership with ALTRAN-Ouest, realized  ambient noise acoustic measurements to establish an initial state of the site of a future tidal turbine park close to Brehat island. In 2011, MAREE and ALTRAN-Ouest made a similar measurements… Continue reading

Impact study – Monitoring of blasting operations, Yemen

In 2006 and 2007, MAREE has conducted acoustic measurements to minimize blasting effects during a gas terminal construction. The aim of the project was to provide the local propagation decreasing law versus range featuring the use of a buried blast,… Continue reading

Impact study – Measurement and analysis of airgun signals in Guyana

In order to improve our knowledge of the environmental impacts of seismic operations on the continental shelf of Guyana, MAREE has conducted acoustic measurements in 2005. The data processing allowed to provide quantitative informations, useful to give recommendations to protect… Continue reading