Measurement & Instrumentation

MAREE’s instrumentation set

MAREE owns a complete and efficient instrumental set, and strong measurement & instrumentation skills.

For short timed measurements, MAREE deploys instrumented arrays, with hydrophones, immerged at several depths, from a boat on the surface.

Instrumented line deployed from the surface… Continue reading

Sea – air interface caracterization by a new smart multi instrumented device

CERSAT develop a new device for sea – air interface investigation. MAREE is in charge of tests, qualification and operation checks.

A better knowledge of exchanges between air and sea water are important to understand global climate working. But oceanographic… Continue reading

INSEA an inovative celerimeter

R&D never stops for MAREE, which developed a totally new device: INSEA (INvestigation of SEdiment by Acoustic).


INSEA is an innovative celerimeter that can be used in laboratory or deployed in situ. INSEA can be used by a single… Continue reading