Sea – air interface caracterization by a new smart multi instrumented device

CERSAT develop a new device for sea – air interface investigation. MAREE is in charge of tests, qualification and operation checks.

A better knowledge of exchanges between air and sea water are important to understand global climate working. But oceanographic… Continue reading

INSEA an inovative celerimeter

R&D never stops for MAREE, which developed a totally new device: INSEA (INvestigation of SEdiment by Acoustic).


INSEA is an innovative celerimeter that can be used in laboratory or deployed in situ. INSEA can be used by a single… Continue reading


CARASEDIM (CARactérisation Acoustique des SEDIments Marins) is a project conducted by MAREE and sponsored  by the DGA and began in 2010. It concerns geoacoustical relations in marine sediments involving acoustic parameters (as sound speed) and other physical parameters (as mean… Continue reading